All I Can Do von Dolly Parton


All I Can Do

Dolly Parton

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Right before Dolly Parton tried her hand at the pop charts, she wrote a hearty eight out of 10 country songs on this largely unsung 1976 gem. Emmylou Harris and Merle Haggard penned "Boulder to Birmingham" and "Life's Like Poetry" (respectively), the former being perhaps even more powerful than Harris' original ode to the life and death of her mentor/lover Gram Parsons. If the boot-tapping honky-tonker "Falling out Of Love with Me" sounds familiar to you, it could be because Pinmonkey covered it in 2004. "Shattered Image" raises a rare finger to the tabloids that were hounding Dolly at the time.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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