8 (Deluxe) von Luis Fonsi


8 (Deluxe)

Luis Fonsi

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Label: UMLE - Latino
Puerto Rican idol Luis Fonsi's eighth studio album (thusly titled 8) brings a fresh, upbeat sound to Fonsi's pop ballads, known for their romantic drama. Fonsi boogies through the buoyant, brassy breakup single "Corazón en la Maleta" and announces the arrival of his baby daughter with "Llegaste Tú," a bubbly bachata-pop duet with Dominican star Juan Luis Guerra. Fonsi may be a family man now, but he's still one of Latin music's biggest crushes, and he won't disappoint his multiple generations of female fans with this set of catchy love songs.

Über dieses Album


Über dieses Album

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